• To request a time slot on any of the Departmental NMR instruments, please e-
mail a short description of your project to Dr. Xianzhong Xu
(, the NMR facility manager, and Prof. Tatyana Igumenova
(, the Director of NMR facility.

• Dr. Xu will e-mail you to schedule a meeting with him and Prof. Igumenova to
discuss the project and decide on which NMR instrument is appropriate to use.

• If the NMR data collected at our facility contributes to the advancement of your
research project, the intellectual contribution of NMR researchers should be
acknowledged in the form of an authorship on conference abstracts, poster
presentations, and research articles.

• The usage of Biomolecular NMR facility at Texas A&M University must be
acknowledged at all times.

• Provide your own NMR tubes and solvents

Happy pulsing!

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